Sunday, 28 June 2009

Blackbird return . .

Another shot of the female in the evening sun as she is returning to the nest. Perfect lighting conditions.
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The Brave . . .

After the tradegy of the rat attack and all the young (4) being killed and taken by the rat. The female a few days later was relining the nest. The rat still came back at night and was checking the nest. After the first egg was laid the rat (in daylight) was back in the nest eating the egg, which was the final straw. Consequently we cleared out the shed (left a only a few items in it). I screwed the nest-side shed wall against it's base to prevent access by the rat and battened the bottom (access under the shed). Since then we haven't see the rat and the "mum" has continued to lay 3 additional eggs (Day 7 today - photo). We are hoping that the rat will not return. A trap is laid in the shed itself and a cage trap is outside. This will be the fourth (and most likely last) attempt of the female to raise a brood this year. The first two was attacked at egg stage (probably the same rat).
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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Blackbird Nest - Day 3 and 4 chicks

Blackbird Nest - Day 2 after 1st Chick hatched

Taken by IP video conference connection (384kbps CIF resolution), three chicks have now hatched

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Second Blackbird Chick starts hatching

Female left the nest as the 2nd chick started to cut it's way out of the egg. Didn't get to see the fial stages as the parent comes back and sits on it! But quite amazing . . .

Day 11 incubation and Blackbird eggs start hatching

Suddenly noticed the parent bird picking up an egg shell and flew out of the nest to reveal the first chick. This video is taken moments after the hatching